Monday, July 21, 2008

Why UFO?

So, here's a fundamentally significant question - why do UFO's become UFOs? I'm all full of enthusiasm when I start the project. Most of them I'm still want to do, I just find myself more interested in other projects. Sometimes it's because the project in question is complex and daunting. Sometimes, I suppose, I just get bored. Regardless, I find that I reach a point having left the project for so long has created new obstacles to picking it up - like this fine snarled mess. Now, I have to spend time unraveling before I can knit (or figuring out where I was in the pattern, or trying to find the directions again, or figuring out where the right needles are) so it just seems easier to pick up something else.
This group is giving me the inspiration I need to jump the hurdles. This is the first UFO I'm taking on even though others might be quicker. This is my Secrets of the Stole, started months and months ago. The pattern was revealed at a rate of about 100 rows a weeks. Some people would finish it within days and be begging for the next installment. At first, I was almost able to keep up but then I wrote a novel in a month (long story) and Christmas came and any number of other projects I really wanted to get done.
The one benefit to having knitted so much in between is that I'm a better knitter now and able to handle the complicated lace more easily. I should set a deadline for myself on this, but I hesitate since we're heading off on vacation and I'm finding that it's hard to get much knitting done in the summer. I will pledge to work on it at least a little every week until it's done.


Allison said...

OH yeah - I'm excited for you to finish! I guess we could say that blocking mine would make it totally not a UFO!

Jknits said...

All you have is the blocking!? That's funny. I guess I could understand putting that off - it's a major undertaking from what I've read!