Sunday, June 29, 2008

Janice's UFO's

I LOVE this KAL and really hope it will inspire me to get some of my UFO's off of my needles. (Well, it already has as a matter of fact!!) I did a blog post here on my 9 UFO's that I had on my needles that day. Since then, I finished two of them, and cast on a new pair of socks. (So, down two, up one.... 8 UFO's now!) I really hope to get most of them done this summer. We have LOTS of car trips coming up, and I can knit very well in the car. Thanks for a great KAL, Allison and Jennifer!


Bonnie D. said...

I meant to post about your one comment and got distracted. Yes, I do write things on my to-do list just to check them off. Hee hee

Allison said...

I'm impressed that you've already finished a few of those UFO's. Go Janice!