Tuesday, July 8, 2008

UFO Go go go

Just a note of encouragement to all UFOers - I haven't posted mine yet because we're on vacation in CT. But I'm getting excited about pulling them all out and having a good look. I think I'll offer at least one up for adoption.

Thanks to this KAL, I've already knocked one off my list, however. I frogged it. It was a dish cloth, but I'd lost the pattern. In general, I hate to go backwards, but there is a time to be realistic about the possibility of actually getting it done. The answer for that one was nil.

I've also resisted buying more yarn while on vacation so I can keep motivated to take on the projects I've already got started. I did however, start two more while here. (tee hee)

Keep sharing your progress and send all your knitting friends over to the site to sign up - the more the merrier etc.


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Allison said...

Wow you resisted buying yarn? I"m so proud of you! Hope CT is fun, fun, fun!